Experience a local multiplayer fulldome game!
Play games with many opponents on a huge dome using your own
iPhone in the “Planetarium Hamburg”.

360Touch.it is an interactive multiuser system that allows all visitors
of the “Planetarium Hamburg” to join a multiplayer fulldome game
displayed on the 360 degree dome.

Everybody can control an individual character with his iPhone and
interact with the other participants while listening to the music of
“Kollektiv Turmstrasse”. This technologic on-the-edge-creation is a
very entertaining and joyous competitive interaction.

Live recording of the first game
Time-lapse preview of the fulldome

The high level of innovation and the special combination of the used
components make this type of local multiuser interaction a very unique
experience. The app 360touch.it has been created just for this inter-
action and is available for free. It provides an easy handling via the
touch screen of the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The intuitive operation
and extraordinary way of projection on the cupola in the “Planetarium
Hamburg” make this event something that never existed before and
is quite outstanding.

Both the impressive minimalism and the communicative aesthetical
aspect make the interaction an inspiring adventure even for non-active
participants. The musicians of “Kollektiv Turmstrasse” from Hamburg
provide musical support by producing a remix of their well known
track “Grillen im Park” which is remastered to get mixed on-the-fly
during the show.

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